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Media archive
Images can be downloaded and used freely by the press by stating the source: Dansani. All other use, commercial or non-commercial, permission must be obtained.

Our photos are ofen taken so that they can be used in both a tall format and wide format. It is therefore important to crop the photos so that there is focus on the important part of the photo - the furniture.

Some examples  
Original photo
Tall format (cropped)
Wide format (cropped)
Designguide billede 1

Designguide billede 1 høj

Designguide billede 1 bred

Designguide billede 2

Designguide billede 2 høj

Designguide billede 2 bred

To access our media bank it is necessary to have a username and password. This can be requested be sending an e-mail to: marketing@dansani.dk. Please describe what the image should be used for.

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